T-shirts – the classic promo tool

T-shirts, when well designed and marketed, can be used as excellent promotional products. Everybody loves tees that come with witty captions and cool graphics. So why not incense this with your company logo or caption and have people wear your advertisement all over the city to grab people’s attention!

Targeting the Right Audience

The most important trick is to outline the target audience that you want to market your product to. It makes no sense to write a caption regarding a science project, say and sell it to fashion junkies. It is only when it reaches the right kind of people who can process the message that you try to send does the tee become a marketing weapon for your enterprise.


The design is the most important feature since it needs to generate certain appeal as soon as people glance at it. Always make sure it is witty, catchy and remember that a little bit of humour always helps! If it’s a graphic print tee, make sure its attractive and that the graphics are not too complex and indiscernible since your main aim is to give people the basic picture in a very short period of time.


Choose an experienced supplier, most brands offer to make customised printed tees for companies and use them to market their products making it mutually cost-beneficial. Also make sure you have enough sizes as corresponding to the audience, whether it’s kids or adults. Retail these or distribute them at outlets that your target audience are likely to visit frequently.

The tips listed above outline most key aspects of how to make marketing tools out of t-shirts. When the process is organised well, it is bound to bring success. Choose among these aspects of design, supply and the target audience carefully so as make sure they are appealing enough for consumers to remember your company and buy your product!