Innovative Ways To Promote Your Travel Company

The internet is a huge place now, and for a business to ignore it is potential suicide. From 2005 to 2010 the amount of web pages doubled, and its predicted that by 2015 it will be 8 times what it is now. It can represent a huge market, far bigger than any footfall you would get to a shop, so your online presence needs to be attractive in order to convert customers. However, many markets now have become saturated, with thousands of companies vying for the same spots. This has been taken advantage of with the ever changing art of SEO, where eventually it comes down to who has the most money and therefore can afford the most online marketing. It is also not helped by the dominance of Google, making the page 1, number 1 spot the most highly fought over and leaving the others out of the game. You therefore need to look to innovative marketing strategies in order to get noticed. Technology today is helping companies achieve this, so here are some of the most creative travel marketing schemes ive found. You may want to try applying some of these to your business:

– QR Codes
QR Codes are a form of barcode, except that they are square and can hold a lot more information than the standard kind. These have been used in manufacturing for part labelling for over 20 years, but have made it into general circulation as a marketing device in the past few years, as they can be scanned by simple smartphone apps. The great advantage is that they can display adverts with pictures, and are placed in odd situations to provide offers, discounts and other incentives to people who scan them. They are very cheap to produce and can be used in a wide variety of places.

– Apps
The amount of companies developing apps today has grown a massive amount, making them much cheaper than they were only a year ago. Canadian RV company CanaDream have spent the past few months making a location based iPad app that helps travellers to find local places of interest, as well as mapping campsites, stop over areas and other areas useful to RV travellers. As this is branded with the CanaDream logo and information about the dealerships, it acts as a great brand awareness tool. Even though people might not ever use CanaDream, they will know the name and there is a greatly increased chance they will recommend them to a friend.

James works for Hotelshop UK, Motorhomes, CyclingNews and many others. He is a keen writer, sportsman and traveller who loves to journey around the UK and Europe