Facebook’s F8 Announcements – Too Much Information!

As always when major news happens in the online marketing arena, I’ve spent a fair amount of time today digesting the announcements Facebook made at its F8 Developer conference yesterday (see Facebook’s page on the event). While I’ve never been much of a Facebook fan to begin with (I’m just not exhibitionist by nature), the new features seem over-the-top… even for people who do like to share. How much do we really want to know about hundreds of other people, after all? And how much more time do people really have to waste on daily trivia and minutiae? I think it’s time to call TMI.

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Sony insurer wants out of data breach claims

Sony’s insurer has taken the electronics giant to court in an effort to avoid liability for the wave of claims which have followed the breach of Sony’s systems earlier this year.

Zurich American Insurance asked a New York court on Wednesday to rule that the company does not have to cover Sony against class action lawsuits or other claims related to the data breaches. In the filing, Zurich argues that the insurance Sony had taken out with it does not cover the sort of damage caused by data theft, saying that it only provided cover for “property damage” and “bodily injury”, as well as “personal injury and advertising injury”.

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